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5 Reasons Why THIS Is The Women’s Retreat For You

Women do everything. It’s a fact. Every single day, we get a million responsibilities packed on top of the ones we haven’t even gotten to yet. Many women find it second nature to be spinning so many plates at once so we do it every single day on a constant repeat. So much so that we forget to stop and take a break. A real break. The kind of break where you can get away from your usual environment, let your hair down, and enjoy some much needed R&R.

Sure, you may think, I’m finally going to enjoy my day off and take some time for me”. But then what happens? You’re either doing most of the things listed in the first paragraph or sleeping (for those more fortunate to have the time).

We’re with you. You are not alone.

You deserve a getaway. Not just any getaway, but the kind that completely pulls you from your everyday life and places you in a relaxed, yet fun environment filled with rejuvenating experiences. And that retreat is the Relax, Recharge, Rejuvenate Women’s Retreat. You need this retreat above all the others and here’s why.

1. You’re a professional juggler.

If you’re not managing a business or a full-time job, you’re keeping the house together and making sure the kids are taken care of. And life doesn’t stop there. Errands are a hefty part of your days off and weekends can be the same story. It’s a constant rush of juggling to somehow keep everything flowing smoothly in the circus. Not to mention the fact that you’re a boss at it.

But what about time for you?

Millions of women are so busy doing this or doing that for this person, for that child, for their spouse, for their job, for the school, for the neighborhood, and TAKING OVER THE WORLD each and every day. Unfortunately we forget about ourselves.

2. The retreat you go to is boring.

There are thousands of retreats and conferences in existence today. Women empowerment is at a high popularity level more now than it’s ever been before. The functions range from all professions, themes, regions, and angles. Some are even religious-based. One thing that’s been recently made apparent is women mentioning that they don’t feel like they can be their true selves at these types of events. They’re controlled, tight-scheduled, and conservative. Things like alcohol and casual talk is an unspoken no-no. Dressy attire is expected.

But deep down, don’t you really just want to have a good long laugh? Sip some wine? Get a little tipsy? Have a good ol conversation with other ladies just like you and cry-laugh over war stories? Yeahhh...same.

3. You forget who you were before you were who you are.

That may sound weird, but it happens to the best of us. You’re probably the woman in a suit, sharing offices and boardrooms with the bulls in society. Coordinating staff and events. Leading the pack at home as the force of a mother, wife, or partner that you are. Whatever type of ship you captain, it’s a full-time position and you fill it well. But who were you before that? Before you became wife, mom, the working women, the boss?

Remember the uninhibited days of adventure? The days of being care-free without the thought of responsibilities. What if you could have that back, even if just for a few days? A time to share who you truly are as a person with other women like you. Don’t lose sight of that hidden extension of yourself. At the Relax, Recharge, Rejuvenate Women’s Retreat this is heavily encouraged.

4. R&R is essential.

How awesome do you feel after a good long nap? How often do you get a good nap in?

Not only is rest good for the body but it’s also good for the mind and the spirit. It significantly reduces stress and allows for sufficient preparation to take on what lies ahead. Recharging ultimately leads to better mental health and overall physical capacity and stamina. The RRR Women’s Retreat will feature luxurious rooms, beds, views, and mimosas to revamp your body and mind with spa treatment, inspirational messages and interactive activities held by professionals from all walks of life who are working women just like you.

5. Men do it, why can’t you?

When men want to take time for themselves, THEY DO IT! They don’t care about anything as long as they can get the guys together for some Sunday night football, fishing, drinks, or golf. And when they do it, they immerse themselves in it and truly allow themselves to enjoy the experience, not thinking about work or family, just having a blast!

We dream about spa days, vacation resorts, and just taking a day to ourselves TO JUST RELAX! Maybe you dream about a day with the ladies where you can turn off mommy mode, boss mode, wifey mode to just be who you are with your girls. What if you can do all of that in one weekend? The spa, the fancy resort away from the city, a secluded, luxury weekend...with just you and a group of ladies- all of it!?

This is where it’s at.

Think about a weekend at the Chateau Elan Resort, Spa and Winery. Located just 40 minutes outside of Atlanta, it’s the perfect place to escape and be a woman amongst other women at the Relax, Recharge, Rejuvenate Women’s Retreat.

What can you expect at this retreat?

  • Wine Tasting

  • A spa-day (when you previously book)

  • Continental breakfast

  • A half-day Luncheon packed with empowerment spread by a dozen women professionals from all walks of life, and professions in an intimate setting

  • And a Friday-night mixer where you can meet all of the other amazing women in the retreat with a comedy show from one of our hilarious presenters.

  • Laugh. Talk. Eat. Sip some wine. Get tipsy. Soak in a hot tub. Take a selfie in a vineyard. And meet other women just like you. This is your SAFE SPACE.

We won’t judge.

Whatever you do, we want you to just...Relax, Recharge, Rejuvenate.

You can get a ticket to this weekend retreat right now for $50 off with the Early Bird Special. But you have to hurry, less than 20 spots remain.

And just because we love you, we’re going to throw in an extra $20 OFF with PROMO code RRR20 for a limited time only.

Why? Because you deserve this.

At the Relax, Recharge, Rejuvenate Women's Retreat, you’ll want to soak up every moment.

It’s time to be a woman.

Grab your ticket right now at

We’ll see you there!

Scroll through the gallery below for more pictures of what to expect at The Relax, Recharge, Rejuvenate Women's Retreat.

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