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9 Wedding Trends for 2019

1. Tiaras and Royal Inspiration

The first wedding trend of 2019 should come as no surprise. With the recent royal wedding, tiaras and Meghan Markle inspired style will help brides create a fairytale wedding of their own.

2. Non-traditional Wedding Dresses and Colors

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Although the royal wedding will inspire classic style, a lot of brides will opt for non-traditional wedding gown styles and colors. Instead of white or ivory, brides will be walking down the aisle in colors like champagne and blush as well as shades of blue, gold and silver. You can catch more rebellious brides in colors like red.

Some brides will be ditching the gown altogether. Pants suits will be popular in 2019. We’ll also be seeing bell sleeves, capes, and large bows giving life to gowns and pants suits.

3. Mix and Match Bridal Party Attire

Brides won’t be the only ones stepping outside of traditional wedding style in 2019. The bridesmaids and groomsmen will also be sporting their own style. Bridesmaids mixing and matching has become more common in recent years, but 2019 will focus more on the guys’ style. Experts are predicting that menswear will be center stage as a lot of attention will be paid to pops of color and tailored fits. Various prints and patterns will be walking down the aisle on the groomsmen.

4. Mix Matched Chrome/Silver Place Settings

The bridal party’s attire may not be the only place where mix matched style shows up. Some people are mixing up place settings as well to create an eclectic vibe. You may also be seeing a lot of chrome and silver instead of gold and rose gold. People will also be bring nature inside. Expect to see lots of greenery like succulents and hanging florals centerpieces.

5. Drone Photography

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No,’s a drone! Don’t be surprised to see those weird looking flying contraptions buzzing around weddings in 2019. Drones offer unique viewpoints and angles of the wedding that are great for capturing the special moments from all sides. The aerial views they capture make for cool, interesting photos.

6. Small Plates

Couples will still favor sit down meals in 2019, but will be diverting from the average wedding platters. Instead, experimental couples will be offering their guests a variety of food options to enjoy in the form of small plates.

7. DIY Food Stations

Another creative food idea is DIY food stations. Everyone loves tacos, so why not have a DIY taco bar filled with all the best fixings for your guests to choose from. This year, we’ll be seeing build your own taco bars, s’more stations, fondue and more.

8. Feathers

From the wedding party itself to the décor, birds of a feather indeed flock together. Feathers have been featured in bridal design for several seasons, but this year, sculptural feathers will be showing up from the bridal party and extending to the decorations.

9. Unplugged Ceremonies

Yup, unplugged as in no cell phones. Many couples are asking guests to leave their phones tucked away during the ceremony in order to lessen distractions and to be fully present in the moment.

There are many more innovative wedding trends for 2019. What other trends will emerge as the year unfolds is yet to be seen.

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