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Virtual Parties While Social Distancing

Our world has looked a lot different lately and this is definitely not how we thought 2020 was going to turn out. COVID-19 has affected us all in some way whether it be as small as a cancelled concert or as big as illness to a loved one. We have watched first responders, healthcare professionals and essential workers fight the frontline with the community support behind them. Right now, we are all looking to something to give us some sense of positivity or normalcy as we try to navigate this new reality.

As graduation and wedding season approaches, birthdays and special moments come up, many of us have had to cancel or reschedule big life events. Our team has been working to develop a way for you to still celebrate these life moments, from the safety and security of your home with virtual parties. We have 5 tips to help you plan your next event, virtually!

1. Theme

Think of a theme that works with your event. A graduation can be themed based off of school colors or mascot, a flower garden for a bridal shower or a Disney Princess for your little ones birthday party. Once you have established the theme, move to décor. You want something easy you can create at home or decorations you can have delivered to your door to avoid going out. Make it as elaborate as you would like but remember; your computer or phone screen will only show so much. You want a nice wall in your home that can be the blank canvas for your backdrop. Add balloons, banners, streamers etc. You can also dress up! Encourage your virtual guests to create their own “at home” décor and dress up for the occasion.

2. Virtual Invitations

If you are hosting a virtual party, why not use a virtual invitation. Evite™ and other online invitation companies make it easy for you to quickly create and send virtual invitations to your guests. There are plenty of free invitations templates to use or you can spend a little money and make them even more elaborate. This is an easy way to reach all of your guests, give them details and create excitement for your event.

3. Activities

Plan your virtual event like you would an in-person event. Create ways to engage your guest and keep their attention. Staring at a computer screen for two hours is a lot different than being surrounded by people in a traditional party setting. Here is a quick list of some activities based on the type of event. Get creative and have fun!

a. Graduation: Have your guests give the graduate some words of wisdom.

b. Baby Shower: Guess the price of baby items.

c. Bridal Shower: Have your guests send in recipes for the newlyweds to cook together.

d. Kid’s Birthday: Create and easy art activity for everyone to do and follow along with.

4. Food & Beverage

What is a party without food & drinks? Find something that fits the theme, or you just really enjoy. Share your ideas with your guests before the event and encourage them to make those recipes with you. It could be a homemade sangria or punch to drink while the party goes on or a cake recipe so you can all enjoy a slice together. These don’t need to be 5-star recipes that take hours to make. Just find something that is easy and gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy!

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