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COVID-19: How you can keep yourself safe and sane.

In the midst of the widespread pandemic, fear and panic has set in as many of us are experiencing. But thankfully there are ways to combat fear and germs! Read our guide on practical steps to stay calm and safe during these next few weeks or months (hopefully not).

1. Get accurate information from credible sources

A lot can be said during a time of crisis and often times, what is being said might be exaggerated or just not true. It is important to not hear something and panic right away. Find a credible source to get important information from such as: the CDC or the World Health Organization. Both sites are offering timely information for Americans on the virus. Don’t panic in a “he said she said” situation. Research and know the facts first.


Honestly, if you can’t self-quarantine like many others, washing your hands is the best thing you can do. Stopping the rapid spread of this virus is going to be the best for all of us. Avoid touching surfaces that could be contaminated and avoid contaminating others. If you can, try to stay home or 6 ft away from others as much as possible. We know that sanitizer and soap is limited these days, so we provided a quick in home recipe below.

DIY Hand Sanitizer Supplies.

· 100% Aloe Vera Gel (We used this brand.)

· Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca oil) Plant Therapy Brand $7 10ml (use approx. 8 to 10 drops per 8 oz ) Doterra Brand 15ml $20 (use approx. 1-3 drops per 8 ...

· Distilled Water.

· Plastic container of choice.

3. Be prepared, but don’t panic buy.

Buying up all the toilet paper that will last you a year will not benefit you when you are sick or others in your community. Try to only buy what you need to last you a 2-3 week quarantine. Shelves will restock and there will be items available for you to buy. If you have prescription medications that you need every day, try to have at least a 4-week supply. When in doubt, ration it out! Try to use less of a product than you normally would. Instead of drying your hands with paper towels, try washable clothes. Take steps to prevent you from having to run out to a store in a panic because someone used the last napkin.

4. Consider events for the next 8 weeks

The CDC has recommended that events cease for at least 8-weeks if they are 50+. When considering what to do with your upcoming event, think about the type of environment or guest that you will have. You want yourself and your guests to stay safe, but you also don’t want to rearrange your life if you can avoid it. A small 20 person meeting is a lot different than a 50 person wedding. Try to avoid anything where guests may be very close together such as dancing, hugging or sweating. If you are worried to cancel your event because of loss of money or disappointment, contact your vendors before you panic. Many places are taking this virus and advice from the CDC into consideration and are working with clients. As for disappointing guests, safety should be everyone’s priority.

5. Quarantine has you going stir-crazy?

Below is a list of 10 things you can do while you are self-quarantining at home. Take advantage of this extra time you might have and check some things off of your to-do list.

1. Exercise daily

2. Read a book

3. Spring clean early

4. Start that home project you have been avoiding

5. Binge a television series

6. Learn a new recipe

7. Start a blog

8. Soak up some sun in the backyard

9. Online shop

10. School time with your children

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