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8 Affordable Wedding Venue Ideas

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

It’s no secret that weddings can be very expensive. You can buy a house or a small airplane with the money some people spend on their nuptials. However, love birds with even the leanest budget can find great alternatives to costly wedding venues. Here are 8 cost-efficient venue options to consider when trying to keep wedding expenses low.

1. Courthouse

Getting hitched at a local courthouse has been a go-to solution for many couples trying to save money. Civil ceremonies at county clerks’ offices or city halls usually come with a very small fee and some municipalities offer this service for free. You can invite a handful of your closest family members and friends to bear witness.

2. Unique Occasions byTNicole

Aside from throwing in a shameless plug, we truly offer some of the best deals in the Atlanta metro area. Not only do we offer affordable wedding planning services, we also have beautiful, low-cost event space that can accommodate even modest budgets. You can bring in your own food and décor, or simply relax and enjoy your special day while we do all of the work. Our event designers will help make your vision for your wedding come to life. We work with some of Atlanta’s elite caterers and bartenders. For more info, visit us at

3. Home or rental house

Getting married in the comforts of your own home or on the property of a family member, friend or neighbor, can be a low-cost, possibly free option. Spruce up the joint a bit, and voila, you have a nice place to host your wedding and reception. However, depending on how much decorations you opt for along with the cost of tables and chairs, your tab can run up quickly. So, be mindful of these and other associated expenses and find ways to minimize them.

If your home is not large enough to accommodate your wedding, renting one may be an option. Check out vacation home rentals on or Airbnb to find beautiful properties that rent for reasonable prices.

4. Parks

Parks are another great low-cost option. Whether a city, state, or national park, parks are scenic venues that can be rented for a few hundred dollars or less. Prices may vary based on location, guest count, whether there will be food or alcohol, time of event, insurance and other fees.

5. Block Party

You know how sometimes streets are blocked off due to festivals and other important events? Well, how cool would it be to take up an entire block to have one of your most important celebrations? For a few hundred dollars or less, you can purchase a permit that allows you to close off a street. Maybe consider reserving the street you live on for your wedding. You could have everyone bring a dish potluck style, or barbecue, or even hire food trucks. Inquire with your local government as to whether there are additional fees for food and alcohol service.

6. Libraries/Museums

Books and historical artifacts tell many stories and are sometimes housed in beautiful libraries and museums. You can document your own story in these places for a reasonable price. Check out small or less sought-after libraries or museums to find the best deals.

7. Restaurants

Restaurants, coffee shops, and bars sometimes have separate dining areas – or maybe even the entire establishment – that can be rented for private events. These can be budget-friendly options depending upon number of guests, date/time, and other varying factors. Hosting your event at an eatery will eliminate your need to worry about food or renting tables and chairs, which could be far less than hiring multiple outside vendors.

8. Schools

A well-appointed school campus can provide a picturesque backdrop for your wedding day and save you money. Some schools rent out their sports arenas, auditoriums, dining halls and other event spaces to the public at affordable rates. You’ll get completely schooled on how to save money.

In 2018, non-traditional weddings are popular, which is especially good for the couple’s with modest budgets. You can do whatever makes you and your bank account happy, and still have a beautiful, memorable, cost-efficient wedding. Contact us now to see how we can help.

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